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Fly Control

Flybusters Antiants offers a range of options for fly control in your home or business:

► Full Service Fly Treatment

Inside we treat ceilings, window frames, kitchen and dining walls and other insect contact areas.  Outside we treat front and back porches, around windows and under relevant eaves.

► Outside Only Treatment

Outside: front and back porch areas, around windows and under relevant eaves are treated.

► Top-up Treatment   

This is designed for those who require a second treatment in the same season on the same premise.  Inside we treat window frames in the kitchen and dining areas and outside around windows and other sunny areas.  Only available if Full treatment has been performed in the same season.



Q. I have had a treatment and I still have flies coming into the house, why?  

A. Most synthetic pyrethroid sprays have a repellency that lasts for approximately 1 month. After that time the repellency will fade so you may notice more flies around your home. Once they land on a treated surface, they will continue to die for a lot longer. 

Q. Are the products safe for my family and pets? 

A. Yes but we advise full precautions be taken when spraying takes place. If one of our technicians does the treatment for you, your family and pets must be out during the treatment and until it is dry.  If you choose the DIY option, make sure that the person who does the spraying wears a good pair of overalls and a face mask to avoid contact with the skin. The product is deadly to cold blooded creatures so fish, turtles, lizards and other such pets should be covered or removed from the premises completely.

A. Where should I put the disposable fly trap? 

Q. Outside in a sunny area approximately 1m off the ground.

A. What happens when the fly trap is full?

Q. The fly trap is chemical free and disposable so when it is full, simply throw it away with your rubbish!

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