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Q. What are the benefits of having someone come out and do a treatment for me?

A. Our technicians are professionals with experience in pest management therefore they are able to accurately and effectively control your pest problem. Also technicians are able to use products which are not available to the general public which work more effectively on eradicating your pests.

Q. Can someone come out and do a quote for me? 

A. We do not offer residential quotes but we can give an estimate over the phone. In some cases we do offer commercial quotes depending on type of pest and size of job.

Q. I have recently had my house painted, is a treatment still able to be conducted?

A. No, we will not spray on a newly painted surface, we can spray three weeks afer painting.


Q. Is there any difference in treatment of rats and mice?

A. The size of the stations will vary but the products and procedures are the same.

Q. Why is it important to secure bait in stations?

A. Rats in particular tend to store their food so by securing the bait in stations you are ensuring that they will eat the bait immediately.  It is also a great way of monitoring rodent activity at your property.  If the bait has been taken you can be sure you have a problem!

Q. Where will rodents die if we kill them using a bait? 

A. With the products we use there is no guarantee where they will die but often they will return to their nest.

Q. I have rats in my ceiling but there is no access to it, what can be done? 

A. Bait can be used around the outside of your home and when the rats venture out to feed they will take this bait. 

Q. How long will it take for rodents to die after they have eaten the bait? 

A. Approximately 4-7 days after eating the bait.       

Q. Are pellets the same as the blocks?

A. No, pellets cannot be secured to a bait station and therefore cannot be monitored as well as the blocks. 

Q. I do not want to harm the rodents what do you offer in terms of humane rodent control? 

A. We sell live capture traps for both rats and mice. 


Q. How do I know which type of cockroach I have? 

A. We offer a free identification service so either bring us a sample or post us a dead sample. Generally the size of the cockroach and its habitat is a good indicator of the species.  Wood cockroaches are found outside living in leaf litter and bark gardens and are sometimes spotted randomly around your home. They are large and dark brown to black in colour. German cockroaches are found in kitchens, laundries and hot water cupboards and are small and light brown in colour. You will find large nests of these often in the back of appliances.

Q. What if I do not know what type of cockroach I have?

A. If you are unsure the best idea is for you to send a sample into us via mail so that we can positively identify it and therefore offer the right course of treatment.        


Q. I have had a treatment and I still have flies coming into the house, why?  

A. Most synthetic pyrethroid sprays have a repellency that lasts for approximately 1 month. After that time the repellency will fade so you may notice more flies around your home. Once they land on a treated surface, they will continue to die for a lot longer. 

Q. Are the products safe for my family and pets? 

A. Yes but we advise full precautions be taken when spraying takes place. If one of our technicians does the treatment for you, your family and pets must be out during the treatment and until it is dry.  If you choose the DIY option, make sure that the person who does the spraying wears a good pair of overalls and a face mask to avoid contact with the skin. The product is deadly to cold blooded creatures so fish, turtles, lizards and other such pets should be covered or removed from the premises completely.

A. Where should I put the rescue fly trap? 

Q. Outside in a sunny area approximately 1m off the ground.

A. What happens when the fly trap is full?

Q. The fly trap is chemical free and disposable so when it is full, simply throw it away with your rubbish!


Q. Can my bed and furniture be treated? 

A. It is recommended that furniture and bedding does not get treated with a synthetic pyrethroid spray as it will cause irritancy if it comes in contact with your skin. Treat the floor space with particular attention to the edges and corners of the room. It won't take long for the fleas to come in contact with a treated surface.  Wash all bedding in a hot wash.

Q. I have pets, is this going to be an issue? 

A. Our products are safe around pets but as a precaution we ask that pets are kept away from treated areas until it is completely dry.

Q. I have wooden floors; can treatment be done on these? 

A. Yes a normal treatment can be done on wooden floors.

Q. How long will it take for treatment to be effective? 

A. Relief should be noticed within the first few days following a treatment, however you may find that you have flea hatch outs up to a month after the treatment.  

Q. When can I vacuum after the treatment? 

A. You can vacuum 10 days after the treatment.

Q. I have a toddler will the treatment be safe for him/her?

A. Yes, as long as the product is dry.


Q. What if I do not want to cut back my vegetation?  

A. Vegetation touching a house acts as bridging access for ants, thus making control difficult. If you have an ant problem it is important to eliminate all contributing factors to your problem.

Q. Why does the species of ant matter? 

A. Different species of ants prefer different types of food so it is important to feed your problem pest the correct bait. Some ants require protein, while others prefer carbohydrates. The ants' behaviour and habits will effect the type of treatment required so make sure you are treating the correct species!

Q. Are the DIY products available the same as the ones technicians would use in a treatment?

A. Most of the products our technicians use are available in our DIY shop but some are not available in the DIY shop as only approved handlers are legally allowed to use them.

Q. I am selling my house and I want a quick treatment to get the ants out of my house, what can you offer? 

A. Apart from the 1 off 3 month guarantee treatment we also offer a Spot Treatment which has no guarantee. This treatment involves only the initial baiting as found in other treatments and provides a very good initial control.


Pantry Moths   

Q. Can you spray the interior of my pantry?  

A. No, we strongly advise against spraying near food. We sell very effective glue board traps that you can place in the pantry to attract the moths and therefore stop the breeding cycle. 

Q. What can I do to protect the food in my pantry? 

A. Make sure all the food that you have which is prone to infestation is stored in air tight glass containers. Baking goods such as flour and spices can be baked or food can be put into the freezer in order to kill the insect if you prefer not to dispose of infested food.



Q. Can I clean windows after the treatment? 

A. Yes, we do not spray windows but care must be taken so that none of the spray is removed from the surrounding window area.






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