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Spider Control

Spiders can be a problem both on the interior or exterior of your home. Flybusters Antiants gives you the choice as to whether we limit our spraying to just the inside or the outside or you have a complete spider control treatment to get them wherever they decide to spin their webs around your house.

The areas treated are corners and edges of ceilings and wherever the webs are so that after a day roaming and hunting, the spiders will return to their webs and die on contact.  Please leave the webs intact before the treatment.

The webs can be removed 10 days after the treatment using a dry broom.

A ceiling cavity treatment is done to kill Daddy Long legs and other resident spiders.

White Tail Spiders require a more comprehensive treatment due to the nomadic nature of the spider.  This will involve treating entire walls, ceilings and floors both inside and outside.  Ceiling cavities, subfloors, bottoms or wardrobes and under beds will also require attention.

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