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Preparations for Pest Control Treatments


Any delays in your preparation mean the technician may not be able to complete the treatment in the allocated time, and will have to re-book the remainder for another day.  Good preparation also means the technician can do a better, more thorough treatment.

Fly/Mosquito/Flea/Carpet Beetle/Wood Cockroach/Spider Control Treatments

  • Put all food and cooking utensils away.
  • Put towels, toothbrushes & toilet paper away.  Please have no laundry hanging out.
  • Cover pillows, baby beds and other precious items.
  • Cover or remove any fish or reptile tanks and turn the air supply off.
  • Cover kitchen benches, tables, wax/oil finished furniture, TV’s, computers and electrical equipment and other wooden furniture with newspaper or a sheet.
  • Move any precious items so operators cannot knock them over.
  • Put away pet food and water bowls
  • Cover or remove oil paintings

Flea/Carpet Beetle additional preparations

  • Pick up small items off the floor.
  • Take shoes and boxes & other items out of the bottom of wardrobes.
  • Take everything out from under the beds.
  • Vacuum thoroughly with attention to edges and corners.
  • Do not vacuum for seven to ten days following the treatment.  The treatment can be made more effective by brushing the carpet with an inverted broom head in the first couple of days.
  • Treat cats and dogs for fleas.

Spiders - additional preparations

  • Do not remove the webs prior to the treatment.
  • The webs can be removed 10 days after the treatment with a dry broom.

White Tailed Spiders:

  • Same as the Preparations for both Spiders and Fleas

German cockroach treatments:

  • Clean around edges of white ware (oven/refrigerator/microwave)
  • Take away all current food sources (crumbs under fridge & cupboards, grease under oven).
  • This will ensure that the German Cockroaches will go for the bait rather than other food sources.
  • If you have pets, keep them away from the bait.
  • If you have recently purchased a second hand oven or refrigerator, it is recommended that you check the appliance before bringing it into your home to avoid further infestation of cockroaches.

Recently Painted Surfaces:

  • We cannot treat surfaces that have been painted within the last 6 weeks.
  • The products we use may mark paint that has not fully cured.
  • Modern interior and exterior paints typically take up to 6 weeks to fully cure and harden off.
  • Please inform your technician and the call centre team of any areas that have been recently painted.

After Treatment:

  • After each treatment, it is important that you stay out of the house until the treatment is completely dry.  This may take several hours, and your technician will advise you on this. 
  • We strongly recommend the use of a heat pump (on dehumidify setting), ventilation system, dehumidifier or fan heater to speed up the drying process.
  • When you re-enter the property, please open doors and windows to flush dampness out and ventilate rooms.

Window Cleaning:

  • This is best done AFTER treatment as we cannot guarantee there will be no overspray on windows. 
  • Window and door frames are important fly & spider resting areas and therefore need to be treated, which may produce a light mist on window edges.  This can be removed by wiping with a dry cloth.  Stubborn areas can be cleaned with a small quantity of window cleaner & wiped down.

A PDF version of these preparations can be found HERE
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