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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs - Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae)

  • Confirming that you have bed bug infestation is the first and most important step as they can easily be mistaken for flea or mosquito's. Call us now to find out.

  • A careful inspection of the bed frame, mattress and other furniture for signs of bed bugs and their eggs for accurate identification.

  • Their preference is to feed at night when they can crawl out of their protective layer and dine on the resting victim.

  • As well as beds Bed Bugs can be found in upholstered furniture, under baseboards, behind headboards, in personal items, behind skirting, behind electrical outlets and under carpet edges.

  • An adult Bed Bug typically seeks a blood meal every 7-10 days, though they can survive without food for months in a virtual state of hibernation.  Once they have pierced the victims skin it takes 5 to 10 minutes for them to digest enough blood for a meal.  They then will retreat to their dark hiding spot and not emerge until it is time for their next meal.

  • Bedding encasements are available which trap the Bed Bugs inside where they will eventually die. These will be needed even if you get a professional treatment.

  • To prevent Bed Bugs from crawling onto the bed , pull the bed frame away from the wall, tuck in sheets and blankets so they  will not contact the floor, and place the frame legs into cups or dishes of mineral oil.

  • We can do an initial inspection to confirm that you do or do not have Bed Bugs, although often we can confirm by talking to you over the phone.   If Bed Bugs are confirmed we will discuss treatment options and prices with you.

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Contact us now to talk to one of our specialists to confirm if you have bed bugs.

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