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General Pest Control

General pest control is a good all round pest control treatment. It covers a range of pests such as flies, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, wood cockroaches (it does not cover rodents, German cockroaches or ants – a separate Flybusters Antiants treatment would be required for these pests).
The treatment is performed inside and outside.

Inside we treat ceilings, window frames, kitchen and dining walls and other insect contact areas.  Outside we treat front and back porches, around windows and under relevant eaves. The purchase of a pesticide free Rescue® Fly Trap is recommended to further reduce fly numbers near rubbish and compost bins and animal areas.

We treat all carpets, mats, bottoms of wardrobes, edges of vinyl (ie. kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet), over any tiles areas, wooden floors and pet bedding. 

The areas treated are corners and edges of ceilings and wherever the webs are so that after a day roaming and hunting, the spiders will return to their webs and die on contact.  Please leave the webs intact before the treatment.

Mosquito add on treatments are in conjunction with the fly treatments using a repellent synthetic pyrethroid.  We treat all fly areas plus all bedrooms walls, backs of curtains, both sides of Venetian blinds, total walls on the outside and some plants – particularly the base of bamboo may also need treating.

Wood cockroaches
A synthetic pyrethroid spray is required on the outside of the home, around all entry points such as windows and doors as well as walls up to and around the windows. Ant Stop Granules will also be used in garden areas where cockroaches are likely to be located.

Multiple treatments cannot be performed on wet or wet cold days unless the house is properly heated i.e. air conditioned at 20°C or warmer.
Houses that are only partially heated or heated with gas will sometimes not dry for up to 24 hours. This can result in irritation of both family members and or pets.
Technicians may have to cancel the job or only treat the most urgent component of the job i.e. fleas. We realise this may cause inconvenience to people who have spent time preparing their homes but we take this action for your safety.


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