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Mosquito Control

Flybusters Antiants offers two mosquito control treatments which differ in price and chemical. 
Mosquito add on
Mosquito add on treatments are in conjunction with the fly treatments using a repellent synthetic pyrethroid.  We treat all fly areas plus all bedroom walls, backs of curtains, both sides of Venetian blinds, total walls on the outside and some plants – particularly the base of bamboo may also need treating.
Have you checked your guttering recently? We will have a quick look around your property and advise you of any potential mosquito breeding sites such as stagnant water in any pots, tins, tyres, etc.
Regular monthly top ups outside may need to be required as we are unable to guarantee that we will kill all of the mosquitoes around your property.



Minimum 3 month programme with monthly visits to property.
An exterior treatment with great results!
Initial Visit:         Inspection / Things to check:          Thick vegetation around the house
                                                                                    Pooling water
                            Education               We will let you know exactly what to expect from our treatments.
                            Treatment               We will use the best products to fight these pests.

Monthly maintenance treatments: Re-application of products around the home

This programme requires monthly maintenance visits so that we can top up the product around your home and keep your property virtually mosquito free.

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