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Flea Control

For effective flea control we treat all carpets, mats, bottoms of wardrobes, edges of vinyl (ie. kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet), over any tiles areas, wooden floors and pet bedding.  We treat with a synthetic pyrethroid and insect growth regulator (IGR).
The adults present at the time will be killed by the adulticide and any hatch outs will be controlled very quickly. 
The product will remain in the carpet to kill off future hatch outs as they occur.  Hatch outs can be expected up to 6 weeks afterwards.
All pets in the house must also be treated with a flea control product or they will continue to reinfest the house.  We recommend Advantage or Frontline as they are proven products, available from vets only.


  • Treat the pet(s) – advice may be sought from your Veterinarian.  The use of soaps or shampoos may reduce the residual action of the treatment.
  • Be patient.  Even if everything has been done correctly, you will still see newly hatched fleas, usually for several weeks.  Do not leave flea infested areas undisturbed – movement hatches fleas.
  • Do not vacuum for at least seven days after treatment.  Place the vacuuming in a bag and put in the bin.
Leave your treated pet in the flea infested areas – it will attract the fleas.  If the pet is removed from the infested area, fleas will continue to hatch for about six weeks with normal ‘human’ activity.  Retreat your pet regularly according to the label of the on-animal flea product.

Fleas will be seen when an area is newly disturbed – such as when people get up in the morning or go outside – but not later in the day in that area.  If the treatments are working, fleas will hatch, contact the treated surface (carpet, soil – treated by our company, or pet – treated with on-animal flea control product) and die within a few hours.


Q. Can my bed and furniture be treated? 

A. It is recommended that furniture and bedding does not get treated with a synthetic pyrethroid spray as it will cause irritancy if it comes in contact with your skin. Treat the floor space with particular attention to the edges and corners of the room. It won't take long for the fleas to come in contact with a treated surface.  Wash all bedding in a hot wash.

Q. I have pets, is this going to be an issue? 

A. Our products are safe around pets but as a precaution we ask that pets are kept away from treated areas until it is completely dry.

Q. I have wooden floors; can treatment be done on these? 

A. Yes a normal treatment can be done on wooden floors.

Q. How long will it take for treatment to be effective? 

A. Relief should be noticed within the first few days following a treatment, however you may find that you have flea hatch outs up to a month after the treatment.  

Q. When can I vacuum after the treatment? 

A. You can vacuum 10 days after the treatment.

Q. I have a toddler will the treatment be safe for him/her?

A. Yes, as long as the product is dry.


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