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Ant Control

It is important to remember that effective ant control  can be difficult. If you have ants so will your neighbours. Ants from your neighbours property will eventually spread back to your place. We have treatment options to maintain ant control at your place even if your neighbours do nothing about their ants. 

1. Ant Control Programme 

Ongoing quarterly maintenance treatments.

Our #1 most successful Ant Control programme essential for properties with recurring ant problems.

·         One visit initially to treat your home and apply a barrier treatment
·         Quarterly maintenance treatments, at a small extra charge, to stop ants getting back into your home


Initially we will visit the property, identify the problem areas, trace the ants back to the nest and identify the species of ant. We then apply bait around the outside of the house which will draw the ants outside, We will also apply a barrier treatment around the outside of the home so that the ants will walk through it and carry the barrier treatment product along with the bait back to the nest which will ultimately destroy the nest.
Every 3 months we return and inspect for ant activity, replenish baits and reapply the barrier treatment around the outside of the home.
We guarantee to stop ants from being a problem inside your home.
Please note Cats and Dogs must be kept away from the baits for at least 24 hours to allow the ants to consume as much bait as possible.

2. One off Full Ant Control Treatment

This programme has the same initial and perimeter treatment as the service agreement which will give short term control, but if quarterly treatments are not maintained, the problem will be back to how it was in 6 - 9 months, if not sooner depending on the neighbourhood population of ants.

Treatment can be upgraded to the Service Agreement within the first three month period.



Q. What if I do not want to cut back my vegetation?  

A. Vegetation touching a house acts as bridging access for ants, thus making control difficult. If you have an ant problem it is important to eliminate all contributing factors to your problem.

Q. Why does the species of ant matter? 

A. Different species of ants prefer different types of food so it is important to feed your problem pest the correct bait. Some ants require protein, while others prefer carbohydrates. The ants' behaviour and habits will effect the type of treatment required so make sure you are treating the correct species!

Q. Are the DIY products available the same as the ones technicians would use in a treatment?

A. Most of the products our technicians use are available in our DIY shop but some are not available in the DIY shop as only approved handlers are legally allowed to use them.

Q. I am selling my house and I want a quick treatment to get the ants out of my house, what can you offer? 

A. Apart from the 1 off 3 month guarantee treatment we also offer a Spot Treatment which has no guarantee. This treatment involves only the initial baiting as found in other treatments and provides a very good initial control.

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