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Rescue Organic Fly Trap x 2
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Buy 2 Rescue® Organic Fly Traps for a special price of $25


The Disposable Rescue® Organic Fly Trap is a plastic bag containing a fly attractant to which you add water causing the attractant to dissolve in the bag. Then just watch the results!

Target Pests

Occasionally the trap may catch a few fruit flies, but it is really intended for common house flies or filth flies, those that are bothersome in areas around garbage, dog kennels and livestock.

How to use

Cut a hole around the top of the bag where indicated and fill the bag with water through the hole to the marked line. Hang the Rescue® fly trap from a tree limb, fence or post approximately 1 metre off the ground. Hang about 2-4 metres from the house to draw flies away from human activity. Keep away from doors and windows.

The trap will work in the shade when temperatures are very warm, but in cooler temperatures, placing the trap in direct sunlight will help activate the attractants.

The RESCUE! ® Disposable Fly Trap is intended to be used outdoors. It will help control the fly population outside before it ever becomes a nuisance inside.

Flies are attracted to the smell of the trap and once inside; they cannot escape and eventually drown in the water added to the trap.

Each Rescue Fly Trap will cover a radius of 10 to 20 metres. Depending on the degree of your fly problem, the trap can fill up in anywhere from three days to two weeks to several months.

The trap is full when the flies are no longer able to get in because the cone entrance is blocked. The water in the trap will also appear black.

When the bag is full, push the top cap in and place in the rubbish bin. You may want to wrap it in a separate plastic bag first to prevent it from leaking.

Suggested locations for the trap:

  • Near a dog kennel or run
  • In a barn
  • Around poultry, hogs, sheep, dairy and beef cattle
  • Near rubbish bins
  • Near a compost pile


Safety Considerations

All of the active ingredients in the attractant are approved by the FDA as either food or feed ingredients. The trap is chemical free.

If your pet accidently tries to eat the fly trap, the attractants in the trap could cause a slightly uncomfortable feeling in the animal’s mouth or an upset stomach similar to what humans experience when they eat hot or spicy foods.

Give your pet a bowl of water or milk to drink to dilute the product and keep them under observation. Symptoms should resolve themselves within a few hours after ingestion.

If the trap contains a significant amount of dead insects, this can cause bacteria exposure leading to vomiting, diarrhoea or dehydration.

Scientists and veterinarians have reviewed the possible effects of the ingredients and have found no lasting harmful effects.


Rescue Organic Fly Trap x 2

Rescue Organic Fly Trap x 2
NZ $25.00

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