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BV2 Aerosol Fumigator - 150ml
NZ $13.50
including GST

BV2 Aerosol Fumigator - 150ml


150ml of total release aerosol

Active Ingredient

4.5g/L permethrin

Target Pests

Borer on the wing, fleas, weevils, silverfish, spiders, moths and most other crawling and flying insects. Will control adult borer beetles when beetles are present at the time of the treatment during the flight season (September- April). 

Application Notes

Remove all pets from the area to be fumigated. Close windows and doors, block fireplaces, exclude draughts. Place the aerosol in a firm central position, depress activator ensuring face is well clear of ejecting fluid. One aerosol will cover 60m³.

Safety Precautions

Immediately vacate treated area and do not re-enter for three hours. Upon re-entry thoroughly ventilate the area by opening all windows and doors. Do not smoke or use gas/electrical appliances during period of ventilation.


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