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Skunk Shot - Dog and Cat Repellent
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Skunk Shot uses the natural chemistry of the skunk in a long lasting, waterproof gel, to provide a long term solution to problem cats and dogs and the mess they can make of your lawn or garden. Skunk Shot comes in a handy 20ml tube that can protect up to 400m2 for 3 weeks.

Target Pests

Cats and dogs as a deterrent.

How it works

Skunk Shot is highly effective in deterring cats and dogs from gardens, garbage bags, car tyres, aviaries, and fish ponds.  Skunk Shot is highly effective in protecting cars, boats, outdoor furniture etc. from scratch marks, paw prints and territorial "spraying".

Skunk Shot features include: Long lasting (approx 3-4 weeks) – Highly concentrated – Weatherproof – Non Toxic - Developed from the natural chemistry of the highly odorous skunk.

Application Notes

Garden Use - Apply small dabs of Skunk Shot on anything convenient, such as rocks, branches, plant pots or directly onto the grass or lawn. If possible avoid applying Skunk Shot to porous surfaces. On mown areas golf tees can be pushed down below mower height and a very small amount of Skunk Shot can be placed in each tee. Coverage will vary with local conditions, especially wind and temperature, but try four small smears (1-5mm long) per square metre to start with. Skunk Shot must be applied to the whole area that is being protected, not just the border.

Rubbish Bags - Smear a small amount of Skunk Shot on your bag in several places around the sides of the bag. Again use very small smears 1-5 mm in length.

Other Uses - Protecting car wheels from dog sprays, keeping cats off bonnets, protecting aviaries, nesting birds and garden fishponds.

Safety Considerations

If you accidentally get Skunk Shot on your skin or clothing, first wash with soap and warm water. The smell can be neutralised by applying a weak solution of household bleach (a capful in half a bucket of water), and then rinsing with clean water.

Do not use the point of the cap of the tube to puncture the seal. Use a small nail instead and then dispose of it. Use the cap to seal the tube after use.

Skunk Shot is an outdoor product. Never open or use Skunk Shot indoors. After use, keep the jar in the packaging supplied. The sachet will soak up any residual smell.

Results for individual animals can vary. Deterrents may not be as effective against your own pets as they may associate the product with the owner.

After opening Skunk Shot, the tube should be stored with the activated charcoal sachet provided in the screw top container. Dispose of used tube and container by wrapping in paper or plastic bag, and putting in the garbage bin.



Skunk Shot - Dog and Cat Repellent

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