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Roach Rid Cockroach Gel - 30g
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Roach Rid Cockroach Gel is effective bait in the form of a gel. Active Ingredient is Hydramethylnon.

Target Pest

German Cockroaches

Application Notes 

Remove the cap, touch nozzle tip to surface and apply. Bait will stick to non-greasy or non-dusty surfaces and will remain palatable as long as it is visible. Recap nozzle after use. Reapply when bait is no longer visible. Check baits a week after initial application. Numerous smaller applications are better than a small number of larger spots. It may take up to one month to get control of the situation. Reapply gel as necessary. The bait will be most effective in a clean area where there are no other food sources for the cockroaches.


Do not:

  • Use near open food and food contact surfaces.
  • Use this product on or around electrical equipment due to the possibility of electric shock.
  • Apply gel to areas which have been recently sprayed with insecticides, or spray insecticides over gel.
  • Apply to surfaces where the temperature exceeds 54° C.
  • Place baits where washing operations may transfer diluted bait to food or food Preparation surfaces.
  • Place product in locations that are accessible to children.
  • Place product in areas that are accessible to domestic animals, livestock or birds.
  • Contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemical or used containers.


Safety Considerations

Harmful if swallowed. When using the product wear rubber gloves. Wash hands after use.

Click here to download Material Safety Datasheet


Roach Rid Cockroach Gel - 30g

Rid yourself of The Nastier Cockroaches

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