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Taxonomic Laboratory Services Project Snapshots

MAF Biosecurity New Zealand:  Mosquito surveillance and eradication services.
FBAwww14 FBA Consulting are contracted to MAF to manage and supply control and surveillance services for the nationwide eradication of the Australian Southern Saltmarsh Mosquito, New Zealand’s largest operational mosquito programme).  This programme produces thousands of mosquito specimens each month and these are processed within strict timelines.  Each sample is geo-referenced and follows a process from screening through to specific taxonomic identification. Results is then entered into a secure database so MAF BNZ has fast access to daily results.
MAF Biosecurity New Zealand:  New Zealand Red Imported Fire Ant
FBAwww15 FBA Consulting are contracted to MPI to supply control and surveillance services for all incursions of Red Imported Fire Ant and all other exotic ants since 2001.
One of the key strengths FBA Consulting can provide during biosecurity surveillance is the ability to identify various organisms on the spot prior to returning them to the lab for confirmation.  Many incursion responses have resulted in multiple invasive species being recorded.

AsureQuality Ltd:  National Invasive Ant Surveillance programme (NIAS)
FBAwww16 Since 2004 FBA Consulting have provided surveillance, screening, taxonomic expertise and technical reporting services for National Invasive Ant Surveillance in Wellington and Auckland regions, as well as screening and taxonomy for all specimens nationally.
The NIAS programme involves annual targeted surveys of identified high-risk sites most likely to be the points of entry for exotic ant species imported via international trade and shipping
(e.g., seaports/wharves, international airports, container devanning sites).

Environmental Air Care Pty Ltd:  Evaluation of the efficacy of Robocan pest control products.
FBAwww17 In 2006 and 2007 FBA Consulting undertook an assessment of the efficacy of a series of product variants for the ROBOCAN automated insecticide dispensers.
The result was a series of recommendation as to a range possible new products and product applications to the client.  These applications have the potential to expand the market opportunities for the product range
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