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Taxonomic Laboratory Services

Getting accurate and timely analytical results is key to successful biosecurity project management.  Laboratory data may help define the overall scale of work (e.g., from delimiting surveys) and ongoing sample analysis and identification is often a key part of incursions response and surveillance operations. 
FBA Consulting’s taxonomic laboratory greatly enhances our biosecurity capacity.  The laboratory utilises taxonomic expertise, most notably in entomology. Our staff are experienced in sample sorting and screening and routinely have been responsible for the through put of many hundreds of thousands of samples depending on the size of the surveys.  
The FBA Consulting taxonomic laboratory has been accredited by MAF BNZ assuring a high level of accuracy and quality.  The taxonomy laboratory is also part of Flybuster’s Accredited Transitional Facility for biotic samples of potential biosecurity concern.  In addition, our laboratory information management and data entry systems allowing us to match analytical results with relevant field GIS data providing our clients with a clear, high quality scientific picture of actual programme conditions and accurate ground-truthed information.  Also attached to the taxonomy laboratory is a temperature and light controlled research laboratory.  This lab has been used to undertake research into the most appropriate control measures for a range pest organisms and a range of other ecological research projects.

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