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Incursion Response

FBA Consulting is able to provide an array of incursion response and eradication services specifically tailored to seek and destroy invasive pests as they arrive in New Zealand. We have extensive experience in many types of incursions response, both large and small.
FBA Consulting has a high level of experience in the operational management of on the ground incursion response to highly invasive species, including the Australian Southern Saltmarsh Mosquito, the Red Imported Fire Ant and all the exotic ant species found through the National Ant Surveillance programme since 2001.

Incursion Services:

  • Incursion response.
  • Delimiting surveys, incursion, pathway assessments.
  • Response scoping and alternatives analysis.
  • Systematic sampling and surveillance for invasives.
  • Routine monitoring.
  • Development and implementation of full scale eradication programmes.
  • Aerial treatments, liquid, pellet and granular products, aerial product calibration.
  • Operational management.
  • Scientific and technical research and support.
  • Multidisciplinary (e.g., biologic, physical, chemical) control measures for IPM.
  • Supply of pesticides and other control products.
  • Supply of equipment and other control technologies.
  • Technical reporting
  • Field studies and impact analyses
  • GIS services, analysis and mapping.


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