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Incursion Response Project Snapshots

MAF Biosecurity New Zealand:  Mosquito surveillance and eradication services
FBAwww4 FBA Consulting is contracted to MAF to manage and supply control and surveillance services for the nationwide eradication of the Australian Southern Saltmarsh Mosquito.  This included large scale surveillance across the Kaipara harbour surrounds, Coromandel Peninsula, Blenheim basin and Grassmere. We managed successful control treatments utilising both aerial applications and ground based treatments. Maintained a suitably qualified taxonomy laboratory for taxonomic differentiation and mosquito research capability, the supply of mosquito expertise to MAF Biosecurity New Zealand.  FBA Consulting successfully initiated the multi-million dollar programme with four days working days’ notice
MAF Biosecurity New Zealand:  New Zealand Red Imported Fire Ant
FBAwww5 FBA Consulting is contracted to MAF BNZ to supply control and surveillance services for all incursions of Red Imported Fire Ant and all other exotic ants since 2001.  FBA Consulting have responded to incursions of Red Imported Fire Ants at Auckland Airport, Port of Napier and Whirinaki. Our services included the eradication of the initial RIFA finds, the provision of screening and taxonomic services, training for surveillance and monitoring, aerial application management and ground baiting applications in Whirinaki and other high risk sites in Napier. 
MPI Biosecurity New Zealand:  New Zealand National Invasive Ant Surveillance
FBAwww6 From 2001 to present day FBA Consulting have successfully responded to over all the exotic ant incursions found throughout New Zealand.  As an example, we have responded to and eradicated incursions of Tropical Fire Ants, Brown Crazy Ants, Ghost Ants, Carpenter Ants, Pharaoh’s Ants and other species not wanted in New Zealand.
Additional services include advice and control of exotic silverfish, scorpions, and new to New Zealand cockroach finds.  FBA Consulting are often called upon as a source of advice for ant management by regional councils and landowners.
Norfolk Island Administration:  Argentine ant eradication
FBAwww7 Since November 2008 FBA Consulting has provided operational management and technical expertise for an attempt to eradicate Argentine Ants from Norfolk Island.  The programme included provision of expert technical advice on delimitation of the incursion area and the development of a community based effort for eradication. 
The programme included the supply and deployment of bait systems in the field, development of a robust monitoring system, staff training including taxonomic services, and help developing a community programme

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