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FBA Consulting Key Staff

Vivienne Van Dyk

Viv 001

Specialist in general insect and rodent management
Specialising in ant biology, taxonomy, delimiting and general surveillance, and general biosecurity surveillance monitoring. Eradication of all invasive, exotic ant species, found in New Zealand since 2001.

Managing Director Bait Technology Ltd:
Manufacturer of Vanquish Pro Ant Bait, development of specialist baits.
Employment and Biosecurity Experience, specialist fields

  • Large scale and localised Argentine ant surveillance and control.
  • Argentine ant control/eradication – Tiri Tiri Matangi, Great Barrier Island, Whananaki, Norfolk Island, Santa Cruz Island California.
  • Structural and environmental ant control, including management, and eradication.
  • Domestic and commercial fly management.
  • Identification and surveillance techniques for use at ports of entry and devanning sites.
  • Eradication of exotic invasive ant species, including Red Imported Fire Ant (2001 Auckland, 2003 Napier, 2006 Whirinaki, 2007 Auckland Archangel Yacht), Tropical Fire Ants, Yellow Crazy, Brown Crazy, Ghost, Big Headed, Carpenter, Singapore ants, Tapinoma, and all other Monomorium sp..
  • Ministry of Primary Industries, Insect Diagnostic Centre accredited ant taxonomist
  • Design and implementation of prophylactic ant baiting systems for high risk areas at Ports and Container Renovation Services (CRS) New Zealand
  • Design and training of exotic ant control and container handling methods for Swire, PDL, Reef and Sofrana shipping companies in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Samoa EQ 1-3, and MAF Sea Container Hygiene Systems 2005 to present day.
  • Annual National Invasive Ant Surveillance, identification and eradication 2001 – to present day.
  • Delimiting of Argentine Ant - population 750 Hectares - Santa Cruz Island, California, USA - 2011

Professional Memberships
2009 – 2013              Council Member of PMANZ
2007 – 2009              President Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ)
2005 – 2007              Vice President PMANZ
2003 – Present day    Pacific Ant Group
2003 – 2005              Council Member of PMANZ
2006 – 2007              Huntsman spiders Technical Advisory Group
2003 – 2004              Invasive Ant Technical Advisory Group
2001 – 2003              RIFA Technical Advisory Group
2000 – 2003              Argentine Ant Technical Advisory Group
1989 – Present day     Member of PMANZ
1999 – Present day     American National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
1996 – Present day     Entomology Society of New Zealand
2012 – Present day     Ministry of Primary Industries Surveillance Panel Member
Pest Management Qualifications
2004    The Role of Biology in the Management of Urban and Commercial Pests. New South Wales University
2004    Certificate in Urban Pest Management
2004    Urban Pest Management Certificate of Current Competence
2006    Approved Handler # 31797 PMANZ Registration # 200824
           Current First Aid Certificate

Dr Paul Craddock - Operations Manager - Senior Consultant



Dr Paul Craddock is an Ecologist/Entomologist and Operations Manager, and been on staff since 2007.  Prior to his employment at Flybusters, Paul was employed at DOC as a technical advisory officer in biosecurity, a position he held for three and a half years.

Employment and Pest Control Experience

  • Currently Operations Manager for Flybusters Antiants
  • Domestic and commercial pest control expert
  • Consultant on a wide variety of large scale projects including ant, mosquito and midge control throughout New Zealand
  • Consulting entomologist
  • Consulting rodent control expert
  • Consulting ecologist
  • Taxonomic services
Previously employed for 3.5 years by the Department of Conservation, Auckland Conservancy as a Technical Support Officer in Biosecurity.

  • PhD Biological Sciences (Entomology).  University of Auckland
  • MSc Biological Sciences (Entomology).  University of Auckland
  • BSc (Zoology & Environmental Science).  Massey University
  • First aid certificate
  • Approved Handler
Professional memberships
  • New Zealand Biosecurity Institute


Brett Rawnsley - Senior Technician - Laboratory Supervisor

Brett Rawnsley has been on staff since 1995 and is Senior Technician and the Taxonomic Laboratory Supervisor. Brett is one of Flybusters key staff trainers and undertakes both one-on-one and team training of pest management theory, practical techniques for technicians in the field environment and customer relations.
Employment and Pest Control Experience

Responsible for:

  • Team leader in the field on commercial and domestic pest management. Co-ordinating up to five technicians and reporting to owners/managers.
  • Solid field experience in treatment of commercial and domestic contracts specialising in control of problem ant species.
  • Report writing for both commercial and domestic clients including government agencies.
  • One-one and team training of practical techniques for technicians in the field environment.
  • One-one and team training of pest management theory and customer relations.
  • Structural and environmental ant control, including management, monitoring and eradication of exotic ant species.
  • Large scale and localised Argentine ant control.
  • Surveillance, taxonomic identification and search techniques for exotic ant species at ports of entry.
  • Increased commercial pest management contracts.
  • Contributed to development of surveillance and control techniques for exotic ant species for ports of entry.
  • Team member of new product research and testing both in controlled environment and in the field.
  • Directly contributed to refining more effective and safer pest management treatment techniques for all our technicians and franchise owners.
  • Contributed to increasing biosecurity contracts for surveillance and control of exotic species, predominantly exotic ant species.
  • Certificate in Urban Pest Management
  • C.E.R.I.T
  • Certificate in Urban Bird Management
  • Approved Handler
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Member of MPI National Response Team

Murray Towler - Business Manager


Murray Towler is the Business Manager for Flybusters/FBA Consulting.  Prior to this Murray worked for AgriQuality Ltd (later re-named AsureQuality Ltd) for almost 10 years in several key management roles including Business Manager of the Biosecurity division and National Service Manager for the Livestock Biosecurity section.  Murray brings a high level of business management and financial management skills to FBA Consulting.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in multi-million dollar contract management, customer relationship management, budget management and development, forecasting, reporting, customer financial and milestone reporting.


Over time, Murray has been involved at a key level in a large number of biosecurity surveillance and incursion response activities.  These include;

Biosecurity surveillance;

  • Fruit flies
  • Asian Gypsy Moth
  • Invasive Ants
  • Arbovirus
  • Apiculture exotic pests and diseases
  • Pacific Island Invasive Ant Surveillance (2006/2008)
Incursion response;
  • Queensland Fruit Fly - Mt Roskill (2015- Mar - May)
  • Queensland Fruit Fly – Whangarei (2014 –Apr)
  • Queensland Fruit Fly – Whangarei (2014 – Jan)    
  • Southern Salt Marsh Mosquito (2007/10)    
  • Red Imported Fire Ant – Napier (2006/08)              
  • Suspect FMD – Waiheke (2005)                             
  • Didymosphenia Geminata – South Island (2004/06)
  • Asian Gypsy Moth – Hamilton (2003/2006)            
  • Fall Webworm – Auckland (2003/06)                      
  • Varroa Destructor – Canterbury (2004)                  
  • Painted Apple Moth – Auckland (1999/2005)          
  • Mycoplasma mycoides (2002/03)                           
  • Varroa Destructor – Auckland (2000)                     
  • Rabbit Calicivirus Disease – Otago (1998)             
  • Mediterranean Fruit Fly - Auckland (1996)             
  • Queensland Fruit Fly – Whangarei (1995)              
  • GMO Maize and Corn Responses (2003/07)              


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