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FBA Consulting

New Zealand’s geographic isolation has provided protection from many biological introductions that could adversely impact native ecosystems or the primary industries on which this country is heavily dependent.  The continued absence of many pest and disease species from New Zealand has provided the country with a competitive advantage for many of our primary exports.
The globalisation of world trade, and ever increasing shipping and air transport services, has increased the potential threats associated with the introduction of new non-native species.  This has lead to the development and growth of a new field of science; Biosecurity, which has rapidly become a specialist area of expertise in its own right.  FBA Consulting has proven techniques capable of controlling, managing or, if required, eradicating invasive species especially ants.

Since its inception in 1987, the parent company Flybusters Insect Control (NZ) Limited has continued to grow and expand into a nationally franchised pest control company providing pest management and monitoring services to governmental, commercial, industrial and residential clients. Flybusters imports, registers and distributes pest control products for wholesale supply to the pest control industry through its Environmental Health Products division.
Business Profile
The FBA Consulting division was formed in 2006.  This consulting division was established to cater to the need for scientific advice and application in the biosecurity market.  
Our business mission is to provide our clients with strategic advice backed up by robust technical and operational services.
Since its formation, FBA Consulting has continued to expand its biosecurity consulting activities to central and local government agencies, and private clients in New Zealand, and the Pacific.

FBA Consulting staff also maintain strong ties with suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and pest control products.  Therefore we have a first hand appreciation about which products are available, their effectiveness and specificity, application and how to monitor the performance of these products in the field.  These ties also aid us in sourcing products at competitive prices and rapid timeframes.



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