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Surveillance Project Snapshots

AsureQuality Ltd:  National Invasive Ant Surveillance programme (NIAS)
FBAwww8[1][1] Since 2001 FBA Consulting have provided surveillance, screening, taxonomic expertise and technical reporting services for National Invasive Ant Surveillance (NIAS) in Wellington and Auckland regions, as well as screening and taxonomy for all specimens collected nationally.  The NIAS programme involves annual targeted surveys of identified high-risk sites most likely to be the point of entry for exotic ant species imported via international trade and shipping (e.g., seaports/wharves, international airports, container devanning sites).
Sea Container Hygiene System (ex-equivalent Quarantine 2 and Equivalent Quarantine 3:  Invasive ant, snail and contamination control for MAF and AQIS pre-border
FBAwww9 Since 2001 FBA Consulting have provided consultancy services, training and control for invasive ants, Giant African snail, general contamination, and the supply of control agents for shipping agents in Apia, Port Moresby, Lae and Honiara seaports.  This included the development of container hygiene system to minimize exotic insect incursion at ports in New Zealand. FBA Consulting continues to provide training, equipment and chemicals for Sea Container Hygiene System programme and regularly undertakes audits to ensure compliance with the objectives of the programmes.  In 2011 this was adopted by AQIS
MFAT / MAFBNZ:  Pacific Invasive Ant Surveillance (PIAS)
FBAwww10 In 2006 FBA Consulting partnered with Asure Quality to undertake training in surveillance of exotic ants at port and airports in Port Moresby, Lae, Wewak, Rarotonga, Nauru, scattered islands in Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Cook Islands and Guam seaports and airports. After collection all samples were frieghted to our Auckland laboratory for identification and reporting.
Watercare Services Ltd:  Midge management programme
FBAwww11 Since 2000 FBA Consulting staff have developed and managed the surveillance and successful control operations against the nuisance chironomid midge, Chironomus zealandicus and Chironomus novaezealandica at the Mangere wastewater treatment plant, Auckland. 
The programme now in place has resulted from the development of a comprehensive integrated pest management strategy that incorporates a variety of different surveillance and control strategies that maintain midge abundance at acceptable levels. 

Northland Regional Council:  Argentine ant control Whananaki.
FBAwww12 In 2007 FBA Consulting provided technical management operational support for the Argentine Ant control programme in Whananaki, Northland.  A team deployed treatment bait systems in the field and reported on results to the NRC.
An initial control programme was undertaken by FBA Consulting staff, with follow-up annual baiting programmes being undertaken by the local Whananaki community.  This programme consisted of a large scale bating effort to control a significant infestation of Argentine Ants.
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